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These next pages will show some of my old projects and my current one. I started out when I was 13 and my grandfather gave me his 1960 two door Impala. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of that car. I can't remember what happened to it, but from there it led to my purchasing my 55 2dht at 16. I drove that car all during Highschool and sold it to a friend in 1972.  Then came the econorail dragster I fooled with for about a year till I found a guy that wanted to trade me for a 1965 Corvette Coupe. Never did get that one on the road. Started a new family about that time so it had to go. During all this time I acquired a big block 72 pickup. It finally rusted out around me and I sold it. That was the end of all my hotrodding until 1988 when I bought a 1974 fully loaded big block Corvette. Spent a year restoring it. Wound up selling it to buy the wife a new car. Then in 1996 a guy shows up at my business and says he has my old 55.  It had only changed owners one more time since I sold it and sat in his garage for almost 20 years. Said he never had time to restore it. Funny thing is , my name was still on the title. No one had ever bothered to change it to their name in all those years.  I've been working on it ever since then.  Hopefully I can have it on the road this summer.